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Monovision is a technique, requiring LASIK or PRK treatment proposed by Rutnin-Gimbel ophthalmologists to correct more specifically cases of Presbyopia. Conceptually, Monovision consists in correcting the vision of one or two eyes with laser treatment (or with contact lenses), so that:

  • focused far vision will be assigned to one eye of the patient. During examination, the ophthalmologist identifies for far vision the dominant (or most active) eye.
  • focused near vision is then assigned to the other eye.

Who can be candidate?

     Because they usually start developing Presbyopia, patients from 45 year- old can be good candidates.

     Nearsighted patients (Myopia) with Presbyopia can indeed still maintain the clear near vision they are accustomed to, while improving significantly their far vision with LASIK or PRK for their dominant eye.

     Opposite,farsighted patients (Hyperopia) with Presbyopia, with LASIK or PRK on non-dominant eye, will benefit from a partial restoration of their accommodation, reduced by Presbyopia.

     However, only a thorough medical assessment led by a Rutnin-Gimbel ophthalmologist can confirm who can be candidate.

During that pre-operation examination, the ophthalmologist will indeed:

  • determine with the patient if Monovision can be an option,
  • provide with the maximum of information about Monovision: benefits, realistic expectations and potential effects,
  • If need be, prescribe contact lenses for several days, to simulate Monovision effects, so that the patient can have reversible experience before making his/her decision.

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