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In order to evaluate your eye conditions and if you can be candidate, an ophthalmologist and the staff of Rutnin-Gimbel will perform a thorough pre-operative examination (roughly 3 to 4 hours), with a special attention to:

  • the detailed mapping of your cornea, to evaluate its thickness and its curve specifics
  • the complete yet painless study of your eyes (pupil dilation and eye drops)

      Our ophthalmologist will then explain in detail your eye conditions, your refractive issues and determine the best procedures for you. With your good vision as our utmost priority, a surgical procedure will be offered to you only when all conditions are met.

      Apart from the medical approach, our ophthalmologist will also dedicate a significant amount of time to discuss with you about your motivation for surgery, about the realistic expectation and about your understanding of the upcoming surgical procedure.

Pre-operative examination requirements

  • It is necessary to stop wearing soft lenses at least 7 days prior to the examination (3 weeks for hard lenses).
  • Please prepare relevant medical information ready for the consultation with our staff ophthalmologists (your current visual status, lists of medications if any)
  • It is recommended to arrange the transportation after the examination has been completed since your vision might be temporarily impaired.

      All Rutnin-Gimbel ophthalmologists have a very strong experience in examination and Laser Surgery. For each patient, pre-operation examination, surgery, and post-operation visits are run by the same ophthalmologist to offer you the best service possible. Should you wish a specific ophthalmologist, please select the name in the electronic appointment form or mention it during your call

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