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Excimer Laser

Following the latest evolution of excimer technology, the ophthalmologists of Rutnin-Gimbel LASIK Centre rely on the brand new TECHNOLAS®TENEO™ 317 Model 2 M2. Meticulously designed by an expert engineering team in Germany, at Technolas Perfect Vision GmbH, the TENEO™ 317 M2 encapsulates indeed performance, efficiency and ease of use.

Unique Design and Exceptional Features

True Treatment Time

     Precision Precision engineering enables our ophthalmologists to achieve a significant reduction in treatment time (up to 1 second per diopters).

High Precision Tracking

     By continuing to refine the design and capabilities on the excimer laser platform, the manufacturer has taken to another level the eyetracking technology :

  • High Speed Eye tracker operating at 1,740 Hz features contrast optimized IR-illumination and digital coaxial camera for real-time active z-tracking.
  • Advanced Microscope Technology includes State-of-the-art 360° microscope with five magnification settings as well as a booster of 50% at all settings.
  • Illumination and Visualization options on the ring illumination on the plume evacuation unit, the slit lamp, and the microscope mirror, provide an optimized view of the surgical field.

Storz® Ophthalmic Instruments

     Storz® Ophthalmic Instruments offer a wide range of surgical products, including a full array of microsurgical instruments for cataract, retinal, refractive and corneal surgery.

Ergonomically Designed for Patient Comfort

     The INTUITIVE design starts with the Graphic User Interface (GUI). Taking only 4 steps for the whole procedure creates a fast workflow.

  • 360° swiveling patient bed designed with contours following the natural shape of the spine and a wider mattress to suit all patient sizes.
  • Optimized patient head position during surgery.
  • Reassuring sense of space and calm for the patient due to open feeling around the laser and the quiet performance of the plume evacuator.

Treatment Options

     An advanced range of treatments are available on the TECHNOLAS TENEO 317 M2, accommodating all patient indications and ages. Three treatment categories enable a straightforward but individualized patient treatment approach.

Zyoptix HD™

  • The wavefront-based personalized procedure.
  • Zyoptix HD™ treatment is a clinically proven personalized procedure. It provides an advanced treatment of pre-existing Higher Order Aberrations (HOA), whilst minimizing induced spherical aberration. The procedure is fully automated with integrated diagnostic to pilot the laser with ease.


  • The true varifocal LASIK procedure for presbyopia.
  • With its unique varifocal design, Supracor provides good near, preserve distant vision, whilst also providing improved vision at all intermediate distances. The procedure can be performed bilaterally and allows for enhancements, retreatments and can also be reversed.


     The PROSCAN procedure is suitable for a wide ranging patient age. This aspheric treatment algorithm preserves the natural aspheric shape of the cornea whilst reducing undesired induced spherical aberrations.

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